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Thank you for visiting our site! It is a platform for all kinds of professionals like Architects, Builders, Contractors, Engineers, Interior Designers, Developers, all kinds of Realestate industry. Our digital platform brings you a quality presentation of your projects. You are no more localized professionals, your profession will be worldwide now with this directory. Our digital creative content feels good to your customers.

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Individual Website
Individual website on your name with 4 pages of contents, Home, Products / Services & Description, About us, Contact us. After successful registration you will get your desired website name. (Example: yourname.foodcourts.org) subject to availability of sub domain. You can also have a domain (www.yourname.com) of your desired business name an extra cost, that to availability of domain. The login credentials will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours, through which you can access your website.
Individual Email ID
A dedicated email on your personal name with Pop / SMTP setup. View your mails on your Smart Phone / Tablet or in Computer.
example: (yourname@
Adding your profile details into directory
Your professional and business details will be added in www.foodcourts.org and associated directories.
Contact forms
Our contact form is very unique kind of technology, your email ID never visible on your website, because web robots will catch your email id within seconds and they sell your email ID in the market due to these kind of things unnecessary mails will fill your inbox, your important mails will not identified easily. With this technology you will recieve genuine mails.
CMS Content
CMS content is where you can edit your certain parts of web page content with help of login credentials that can be provided to you along with the URL and passwords within 24-48 hours, you can edit in any browser without any professional knowledge.
Annual Renewal Charges INR. 999.00
You desired to purchase www.yourname.com domain option than annual renewal will be added according to your domain price. Annual renewal charges will be changed.
localrealtor.space – The Realestate Industry Portal.

You belongs to realestate business! looking to get more new clients through the web today, www.localrealtor.space is the right place for you to go online. This website is mainly focused on forming brand new dimensions for the industry of realestate business enter in the online domain. We are making effort to combine all forms of realestate people.

How Does It Work?
You will be able to get a website of your own that comes with four pages of contents which are home, products or services with description, contact us and about us. Once you registered successfully, you would be able to obtain your preferred name for your website. You could also have a domain of your preferred business name an additional cost, depending on the domain’s availability. The login credentials would be emailed to you in 24 to 48 hours, through which you could access your site.

A dedicated email on your personal name with SMTP or Pop setup and you can view your mails on your smartphone or tablet or in your computer. Adding your profile information and your professional & business details would be added in foodcourts.org including the associated directories.

Contact Forms
Our contact form is extremely unique type of technology, and you are assured that your email ID will never be revealed on your site. It is for the reason that the web robots would be catching your email ID in just a few seconds, and then, they will sell your email ID within the market because of these forms of things. Unnecessary mails would fill your inbox, and your most important mails would not be identified easily. Using this particular technology, you would be able to receive genuine mails.

CMS Content
The CMS Content is where you could edit your web page content through the assistance of the login credentials which could be provided to you together with the password and the URL in 24 to 48 hours. Editing can be done in any browser with no any professional knowledge.

We have a special offer that will be for a limited period of time only. The price is also including 1st year charges. Your desire to buy a domain option compared to annual renewal would be added based on your domain price. Yearly renewal changes would be changed.
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